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Unable to Download Malwarebytes? 

Malwarebytes is a specially designed software designated to remove all the unwanted programs, which might not accurately involve viruses, which are nearly undetectable by a normal security software. These undetectable files have many side-effects and are usually responsible for automatically added toolbars, frequently displayed sponsored links, websites redirecting to some anonymous page and slowdown of your PC. When you face all these problems with your PC, it is evident that your PC is infected with virus and Trojans, which are Malware. Malware are infectious files, which not only infect all your applications but also put your software security at risk by compromising your personal data.

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Installation of Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes software gives your PC an excellent security system, which starts with a 14 days trial and usually ask the user about further use of the software by giving them the payment options, trial periods and terms and conditions of the premium version. When a user unknowingly downloads anonymous files, with which virus, Trojans and worms enter the PC, Malwarebytes detects all of them and update the users about the uninstallation of various files and applications which were downloaded by the users and give them the options to remove them. Malwarebytes are more functional on PC when it has a 512 MB of RAM and have a Pentium 4 or above.

unable to download Malwarebytes

Reasons for unable to download Malwarebytes

Usually Malwarebytes are functional on all PC but when you unable to download the software, the following can be the reasons behind the uninstallation:

  • When the applications are older and slower, then Malwarebytes software is unable to detect files and become irresponsive
  • Installation of the software do require several optional windows to be functional before successful installation
  • Malwarebytes require .NET Framework by Microsoft which can be downloaded from Microsoft Download Centre, so make sure your PC have that before installation
  • Malwarebytes installation seems to be a problem when your PC are already affected by malwares and virus, which include codes for uninstallation of any anti-malware software.
  • Most Malwarebytes software include a high storage space in the CPU and RAM, so make sure that your PC have enough storage to give the software its required space.

Solutions for downloading Malwarebytes

Reasons for unable to download Malwarebytes can be many but where there are reasons, there are solutions too. Following are the solutions listed, which will make your life easier-

  • Don’t forget to rename the Malwarebytes software before installing it like iexplorer.exe, firefox.exe, explorer.exe, myapp.exe and etc.
  • Booting your computer will also be a great option which can be done by –RestartPress F8 (before windows icon display and after hearing the beep  noise from your PC)—Menu—First option. This process will enable windows run in a safe and secure mode.
  • Login to Windows by your recently generated user account by clicking the start button and settings and then control panel, then click on user accounts and generate a new account and then reboot your PC by recently generated user account and then try running the Malwarebytes software.
  • An effective way can also be attained by running TDSS Killer which completely blocks anti spyware and antivirus applications from running.

If you are still unable to download Malwarebytes software, then call at Malwarebytes tech support number @ 1-800-986-6752

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