How to resolve unable to connect service Malwarebytes error ?

Unable to connect to a service or being obstructed by an error stating unable to connect to the service? Here is the solution to your concern! But before we step forward to the answer what is the kind of service here we are talking about. Microsoft Windows contains many modular components which make up the operating system as a whole. These components are known as “services”. 

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Malwarebytes anti-malware is a software you can download online and uses to deal with the infections.This system error does not necessarily mean that your computer has been infected with the malware which meddles with this well-known security application.

However, these case should not be excluded either. Due to their efficiency and popularity of the programs, some cyber criminals, craft malware specifically targeting the Malwarebytes. In that case, you have to run the program in Safe mode.

unable to connect service Malwarebytes error

Alternatively, due to the simultaneous update process both windows and Malwarebytes, the “unable to connect service Malwarebytes error” message might appear. However, in that case, restarting the system helps in solving the problem.

If the problem lies in the very programme then you must have not installed or downloaded it in a smoother manner. And if the programme seems to be giving sudden issues after flawless working then it is to be considered a problem in the Malwarebytes Service itself.

The solution for “unable to connect service Malwarebytes error “:

Option 1. Change Malwarebytes Service Startup type

  1. Click Windows key+R.
  2. Then type services.msc.
  3. Now find Malwarebytes Service entry.
  4. Right-click on it then choose Properties.
  5. In the windows, change the startup mode from Manual to Automatic. If the program still does not launch, then reboot the device.

Option 2. Launch mbam.exe file

  1. Enter the Local Disk,
  2. Then navigate to Program Files.
  3. Go to Malwarebytes, folder and launch mbam.exe file.

Option 3. Launch Windows in the safe mode

  1. Click on Windows key+R.
  2. Type msconfig.
  3. Enter the Boot section and mark Safe boot option.
  4. Restart the device and finish the work, exit the mode the same way. Launch System Configuration tool, unmark the Safe Boot option.

Follow these steps to fix the problem of unable to connect service Malwarebytes error. 

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