How to fix “Malwarebytes Won’t Update” error?

Malwarebytes is a robust utility application/software that protects your system from external web threats and malware. This utility software/application is popular all around the world and you must also have this Malwarebyte application in your system. The software includes all the powerful features and features to detect any type of system threat/malware and remove them completely from your system. The Malwarebytes software/application comes with a free version and after you install Malwarebytes in your system, it may show some errors for example “Malwarebytes Won’t Update error”, “Malwarebytes not responding during removal error”, e.t.c. If you are having trouble updating the Malwarebytes software/application, read below to find various possible step-wise solutions.

Countries  Toll-Free Number
 Malwarebytes won’t update error, support number USA 1-800-934-1090
Malwarebytes won’t update error, tech support number United Kingdom  02 0786 26337
Malwarebytes won’t update error, tech support number Australia  0384004575
Malwarebytes won’t update error, support number Canada  800-864-4162
Malwarebytes won’t update error, support number New Zealand  800-449-076


Solution No. – 1

Malwarebyte Update Manual Installation

We require to tell you that before proceeding with this step, you need to be certain that Windows Defender is set to the “Disable” option. Two or more software/applications serve the same purpose, provide similar facilities, and working together can cause problems and some system function failures.

As you proceed with the first step to install the Malwarebyte application/software, the system will automatically disable Defender but this setting may change when installing a system update.

Then go to Windows Defender Options, Virus and Threat Security again, Virus and Threat Security Settings and set the real-time security option to disable.
After executing the above step, restart/reboot the system and open the Malwarebyte application/software. Now, visit settings and tap on the “Install Application Updates” button below the tab of Application.

If this solution does not fix the “Malwarebytes won’t update error” then, you can try the next solution to get the desired result/output.

Solution No. – 2

Checking the Windows Firewall While Malwarebytes Won’t Update

Another big step you can take is the Windows Firewall Settings. Sometimes, an update can fix many problems and errors that you may have to face. Thus, you should go to the Windows Firewall section and check that the Malwarebytes application/software has permissions for receiving the updates or not. Follow the mentioned below steps for the same:

1) Visit the search bar of Windows and write “Allow”. Now, tap on the option of “Allow an app through Windows Firewall”.

2) Tap on the option of “Change Settings”

3)  Now, click on the alternative of “Allow another app”.

4) Visit the installation folder of Malwarebytes application/software and make the addition of the executable files in the same folder.

5) Enable the Malwarebytes application/software to form connections with private and public networks.

6)  Now, make sure to verify the entire made changes and restart/reboot the system.

7) Finally, try again to update the Malwarebytes application/software.

If solution No.2 doesn’t help you in getting rid of the “Malwarebytes won’t update error” then, you should proceed with the solution no.3 for resolving the same problem/error.

Malwarebytes Won’t Update” error

Solution No. – 3

Reinstallation of Malwarebytes Software/Application

If any user has installed the earlier version of Malwarebytes software/application or any other third-party antimalware application. After that, residual files and folders of that application/program can affect and corrupt the current installation setup. Because of this, some of the software/program functions and features may not work appropriately, you are required to perform the reinstallation process of the software.

We suggest that you should buy the premium version of the Malwarebytes software/program as it provides many more functionalities and features than the free version. These features and functions really make a big change in your system in a positive way. Your system will be free from any threats and malware, it will be completely protected by Malwarebytes software/application when you switch to the premium version.

If you followed the above solution and still haven’t been able to remove “Malwarebytes update is not updated” from your system, then go ahead and follow solution number 4 which removes this error through updating windows Guides towards doing.

Solution No – 4

Windows Update to Fix Malwarebytes Won’t Update Error

Now, the last solution you can try is to update Windows. When you use a third-party application/software in your system, Windows Update causes some problems. Many users have reported that they are experiencing problems with the Malwarebytes application after Windows Update.

You should update and install system patches as soon as feasible. Most possibly, one of the system patch updates must work for you and the error must be removed. For being certain, follow the mentioned steps for installing updates manually in Windows 10.

1) Initially, open the Settings tab.
2) Now, choose the option of “Update and security”.
3) Tap, on the button of “Check for Updates”.
4)  See the available updates list and make sure to install the entire updates, Subsequently, restart the system.
5) Finally, remember to check if you are able to update the Malwarebytes application now or not.

We wish that your problem would have been resolved by following one of the above mentioned step-wise solutions. But for those, who have tried the entire solutions and ways to fix the error and still not getting the desired output/result, they can get in touch with our experts at Malwarebytes Customer Support 1-800-934-1090. Our experts are always available to assist you in fixing up any technical errors that you may face. Don’t hesitate to dial us whenever require, we are available round the clock for your convenience.


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