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Why do we need Malwarebytes and how to install it on the system?

Malwarebytes is an anti-malware and anti-ransom software meant to protect your system from unwanted cyber threats. It is a scanner that scans the system, finds malware and removes it. Provided by the company named “MalwareBytes Corporation”, this software has been available in the market since 2006. It is available in a number of versions adaptable for different operating systems namely Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. There are two versions of this software available for customers in the market-

  • The free trial version,
  • And a premium paid version;

The paid version obviously providing more advanced features such as routine scans and blocking malicious IP addresses. Installing it is as easy as it gets.

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Is Malwarebytes available/effective for macs?

Malwarebytes was generically designed to be an adware removing tool which turned into a system to protect windows operating systems from malware that’s seeped into the system despite installed firewalls. It is basically a method of restoration for the system against ransom-ware and spyware etc. Now, Malwarebytes is available and equally effective for MacOS as well.

The free version works as a backup for the always-on firewall software running in the background while the premium version is a full-fledged security system for your mac. It’s a very convenient solution because it runs deep scans in packets and hence even the most petulant malware cannot go unnoticed due to the multi-layered security.

Malwarebytes scan on an external drive mac

Can Malwarebytes scan on an external drive mac?

One of the most common doubt regarding Malwarebytes is its usage and efficiency when it comes to external hardware. In case of Windows operating systems, it has an option called “Full scan” whereas in an external storage device connected to the system gets scanned along with the computer/laptop in use.

For Mac users, this process is often way more complicated. Part of the reason being that Mac Books themselves have a severe security system. Damage caused due to external hardware is practically obsolete in this day and age since it’s not possible to install any kind of malicious software onto a Mac by a hard drive or any other external storage device. Hence users often question if it’s even possible for Malwarebytes to run a scan in external storage.

The answer is yes, but with some terms and conditions. First of all, the risks related to running such scans on backups need to be identified. Since they do not have an internal security mechanism, it is very easy to damage the data on the device permanently. Hence, extra care needs to be taken before running any such scans because there are greater chances of damaging the external hard drive than the mac itself. When you do decide to run the scan, it needs to be noted that it isn’t possible to run the Malwarebytes scan on the external drive in the regular mode.

The steps to be taken to run Malwarebytes scan on an external drive mac

  1. You need to first of all turn the device into safe mode.
  2. Then, install Malwarebytes on the device.
  3. Connect the external drive while in safe mode.
  4. Then Run the scan.

When Malwarebytes is installed and run in the safe mode, any external storage device connected to it gets scanned as well and any malicious ware found can be removed on both the devices.

Thus follow the above steps for the Malwarebytes scan on an external drive mac

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