Malwarebytes preventing google chrome from opening

Working with malware in your device is not easy at all right? Talking about the Malwarebytes preventing Google Chrome from opening is another vex for the users. Google chrome is a freeware web browser used by each one of us on our daily basis and for some people, it is even more frequent but, what if there is a malware preventing it from opening? Yes, there are chances that your Google chrome gets infected by a malware in your device preventing it from opening. Malware threads seem to run smoothly out of the stream in your device.

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Malwarebytes preventing google chrome from opening

Symptoms of malware present in the device:

  • The URL which we try to reach is said to be blocked.
  • Pages failing to load, sign-ins not responding or loading plain text before the graphics kick in and glitches in the new design.
  • Slow working of the computer or handy device, lack of storage space, automatic functioning of applications, Pop-ups websites, toolbars and other unwanted programs
  • Blue screen of death that is PC crashes regularly
  • An offering of suspicious messages and links over social media or email, then consider yourself to be a victim of spyware or malware.

And as we say for every infection there is a cure, if not a cure then a remedy for sure. So before claiming it to be a malware, we must check upon the other potential causes for the inconvenience.


Like in case of automatic functioning of application check if some programs are meant to behave this way or if they are simply incompatible to run with your hardware or just in the case when you’re sending out spams this may be caused from setting weak passwords to your accounts or forgetting to log out of them. And just in case the other potential causes fail in terms of providing satisfaction then the reason to be attracted to the concerns is malware attack.

Steps to fix Malwarebytes preventing google chrome from opening:

  • Stop online shopping and banking immediately because you will use your bank account details in them.
  • Confirm that your device is active and updated with anti-virus and anti-malware if not then install and scan your computer with a good Anti-malware programme to make sure that your system is clean and anti-malware.

In any case, you are not able to install or run an antivirus program in your system one can try some free online virus scanners to clean their device. And if still, Malwarebytes preventing google chrome from opening, you can always go for malware tech support numbers always ready to lend a helping hand.

Thus, follow these steps to fix Malwarebytes preventing google chrome from opening.

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