[fixed] How to fix Malwarebytes not scanning network drives ?

What is Scanning?

Scanning is the process in order to detect some feature, just have to carefully look at all parts. In Malwarebytes, from scanning, we can easily detect the features of something. Malwarebytes is used to protect against security threats, remove viruses, adware from our computer systems.

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eat Scan: Threat scan can use to detect the large majority of threats to protect our computer. Hence, because of this reason, it can be recommended to scan daily so that every file in the computer can be scanned. Threat scan itself includes several methods that can be tested. Some of them are memory objects, Startup objects, Registry objects, File system objects, Heuristic analysis.

  • Custom Scan: By using custom scan user can scan according to their specifications which they can define at the time of the scan. It includes memory, startup, registry objects, rootkit, and archives.
  • Hyper Scan: The hyper scan is only meant for the users of Premium which is of trial mode. It is used in the detection of immediate threat. The methods tested includes memory objects, Startup objects.

Therefore, in the case where Malwarebytes not scanning network drives, there are steps that can be followed by the user to get rid of this problem. By using custom scan we can scan Malwarebytes on network drives to do a full scan. Not everybody stores their files on the local drives. Heaps of people use external or movable drives to store sensitive knowledge. We will able to scan them once they are obstructed into our machines using two totally different ways. Here is the way to scan external drives via the context menu entry and by scanning employing a custom scan.Methods to resolve Malwarebytes not scanning network drives:

Method 1: Open the file manager (file explorer in Windows) and right-click on this file, folder or drive that ought to be scanned. Then from the context menu, choose Scan with Malwarebytes.

Method 2: The second one is through the use of custom scan.

  • Open Malwarebytes and click on “Scan” (in the correct menu).
  • Then select the Custom Scan.
  • Click on set up Scan, a new Windows shows the customer scan. On the left side, you’ll be able to set up same choices for the scan. And on the right side, you’ll be able to choose, files, folder or drives that ought to be scanned.
  • Then lastly, Click on Scan currently to begin the scan.

During a custom scan, the scan time will increase as a result of all files and folder that are chosen are going to be scanned. Which means the scan is running for much longer, than a normal thread scan. Also, the usage of hardware and HDD will increase to one hundred, so your PC will get terribly slow. Hence, it is some type of disadvantage. So, resolve this disadvantage, the user should not use the computer while performing the custom scan.Thus, Follow these steps to fix Malwarebytes Not Scanning Network Drives.Comment below if you have any queries regarding Malwarebytes Not Scanning Network Drives

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