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Malwarebytes is an anti-virus software by which a user can easily secure his PC from unwanted malware and viruses and all the other detectable files from your computer. When a user faces several technical glitches like websites redirecting to anonymous websites, slowdown or crash down of PC, homepage displayed with multiple unknown sponsored links, then it is evident that his PC is infected with malicious viruses. Malware is specially designed software which aims at harming the PC, without the user’s knowledge, malware emanates in various forms like spyware, true viruses, key loggers and other undetectable files which could easily harm the computer.

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Installation of Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes software delivers a proficient anti-virus security to its users and starts with a 14-day free trial where the user gets to know about how the software works and what security level it offers the PC, once the trial ends, users are given options if they want to continue the usage of the software by buying a subscription pack or want to cancel it. When users chose to further use the software, they are provided with options of payment, documents stating terms and conditions of the premium version. Malwarebytes software takes a note of all the undetectable files and attachments that are mistakenly downloaded by the user and further notifies them about their existence and also provide them with options of removing those files completely. Before fully upgrading the software, users should take note of the platforms where Malwarebytes is functioning successfully, i.e., Pentium of 4 or above and 512 RAM.

Malwarebytes not cleaning virus

Issues with Malwarebytes not cleaning virus

When a user unknowingly installs a software that he never intended to do or even a rogue software can compromise his PC’s privacy and protection. The user will experience some bogus blue screen stops errors and codes displayed on their servers, these stops are none other than spontaneous pop-up warnings aimed to notify the users that their systems have been affected by infected and malicious viruses and malware.

Malwarebytes is designed for virus reduction for computers but many users reported that they have not been able to eliminate viruses when they used Malwarebytes Software’s scan to detect malicious files.

Solutions for Malwarebytes not cleaning virus

Due to technical glitches, sometimes the software is not able to recognize viruses and some hidden malicious files after the scan. For a full-fledged experience with Malwarebytes, users should follow the steps given below-

  •  Launch Malwarebytes.
  • Check for update (update if any).
  • Once Malwarebytes is updated.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on Detection and Protection.
  • Enable scan for Rootkit.
  • After enabling the scan, set the PUM and PUP Non-Malware Protection to treat detection as malware.
  • With Malwarebytes run a Threat Scan.
  • Then click on the scan button

Once the scan is completed, the software will notify about any hidden detection and if there are any then, allow MBAM to clean those undetectable files by clicking on—Now, then apply actions.

The computer will restart once all the activities have taken place.

Thus follow these steps on how to fix Malwarebytes not cleaning virus

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