[Fixed] How to fix Malwarebytes causing issues after update ?

Malwarebytes is a specially formulated software which aims at removing all the unwanted threats like viruses and malware and all the undetectable files from your PC. These undetectable files have many aftermaths and are solely responsible for multiple automatically added toolbars, recurrent displayed sponsored links, the slowdown of PC and websites automatically redirecting to anonymous pages. Sometimes Malwarebytes causing issues after update and eventually when all these computer issues are faced by the users, it is a significant sign that their computer is affected by malware and viruses. Malware some specifically designed infected files which not only harm the computer but extract all the user’s personal data without his knowledge.

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Installation of Malwarebytes:

An excellent security solution is offered by Malwarebytes which commences with a 14 days trial and then the user has a choice, whether to continue with the software or switch to another. The further usage of Malwarebytes software involves payment options, trial periods and more information stating the terms and conditions of the premium version. When users mistakenly download anonymous malicious files, Malwarebytes software takes note of them and notify users regarding the uninstallation of those detected files, whilst also provide them with options of complete elimination of similar files in future. The functionality of the software depends on what platform is it provided with, Malwarebytes are subjectively more functional on Pc with 512 RAM and acquires a Pentium of 4 and above.

Malwarebytes causing issues after updateReasons for Malwarebytes causing issues after update

Many users witnessed a crash down of their PCs and also a spike in their memory usage when Malwarebytes published a new protection update. Consumption of a lot of memory and upwards to 90% of computer’s CPU, has been caused by this new protection update. In Malwarebytes forum, a lot of people were seen complaining about this latest update and also mbamservice.exe.

Consuming their memory, which has made PCs pretty much unstable. Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes, also stated that all the problems which the users are facing are caused by the bad protection update and a new protection update has been formulated to fix the existing issues.

Solutions for Malwarebytes causing issues after update:

Fixing this Malwarebytes issue sounds simpler but is actually not, since by rebooting the system and logging in, a lot of memory and CPU, are consumed by mbamservice.exe, which might make the PC more unstable and unusable and might further restrict the user from performing any future activity.

Technical support team have worked on this issue and have put efforts to resolve these issues by coming up with the following solutions:

  • Launch Malwarebytes.
  • Then click on Settings.
  • Now, Turn web protection “of”.
  • Right-click on scan status.
  • Click next to updates (for Malwarebytes downloading the latest version).
  • Restart your PC.

To make sure that the users have enabled their computers to the latest database, they should be following the given steps:

  • Launch Malwarebytes.
  • Then go to Settings.
  • Now open About tab.
  • If version 1.0.3803 is displayed, then the users have updated their versions in an appropriate manner.

Thus follow these steps on how to fix Malwarebytes causing issues after update

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