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What is meant by install Malwarebytes Silent ?

Silent Install, in simple terms, mean that a particular software product can be installed without user interaction. Although the install Malwarebytes Silent process has to be initiated by the user, a silent install will not bother the user about various parameters that has to be selected during the install process. Although a install Malwarebytes Silent is often used by spywares and adware to install malicious software into the host system without the user knowledge, a silent install is also used by many legitimate software products so that their product can be installed by the user with minimal to no interaction.

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Can install Malwarebytes silent ?

Yes, Malwarebytes can be installed silently but requires a user to run custom made script to do so. Although, a normal installation of Malwarebytes is a good way to install Malwarebytes, silent install can be used to automate the installation with no further user prompts once the installation has been initiated. Running custom scripts can sometimes leads to faulty installation of Malwarebytes, if you write the script in a bad manner. But, don’t worry, you don’t have to have any knowledge of scripting to do so. You can follow the instructions stated here and you are on your way to do a silent install of Malwarebytes.

You can also call these toll free numbers based on your location to clear all your doubts regarding the installation, in case you are caught up confused during the installation.

install Malwarebytes Silent

Steps to install Malwarebytes Silent:

1) Download the latest version of Malwarebytes from click here 

2) Code:

@echo off


echo **Malwarebytes Silent Installation**


cd %~dp0

mb3-setup-consumer- /nocancel /norestart /verysilent /suppressmsgboxes

IF DEFINED programfiles(x86) (cd “%programfiles(x86)%\Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware”) ELSE (cd “%programfiles%\Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware”)

  • Copy the above Script and paste it into a text file.
  • Click on “save as” and rename it to “.bat” extension.
  • Now the file is considered as a batch file installer.

Note: If you want to customize some advanced setting, you can add your own script to the following basic script.

Important: when you download Malwarebytes-Anti malware from the website, make sure that the name of the downloaded file and the green text in the script matches with each other. If not, simply erase the text written in green from the script and type in the exact name of the downloaded Malwarebytes file.

3) Make sure the Batch file installer and the downloaded Malwarebytes Installer are on the same directory. For example. If your Malwarebytes installer was downloaded to C:/user/downloads , then the batch file installer should also be in the same directory.

4) Right click on the batch file installer, and click on “Run as administrator”.

5) Now, the Malwarebytes is installed without any further prompts from the installer.

A shortcut to Malwarebytes is installed on the Desktop. Double click to see if the installation was successful.

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